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March 26, 2016

Road trips! #SOL16 26/31

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The laundry is done, the bags are being packed.

We are heading out on a mini road trip!

This weekend we will visit Lindsey in Iowa City.

On Monday we will visit Bloomington to take an closer look at Illinois State U.

Can I limit what I pack?  


Games, computer (MUST SLICE), two pairs of shoes, comfy clothes, dress up clothes, tooooo much!

Gotta run and hit the road!


  1. Have a fabulous time! I love road trips, and you don't have to limit what you pack when you're traveling by car.

  2. You can never, never pack too much! I always say, we need choices when we look in that suitcase! Have fun with Lindsey this weekend!

  3. Hope you have a fun weekend with Lindsey and touring another campus. Such fun and excitement. Safe travels.

  4. Oh, safe travels and have fun!!! Say hi to Miss Lindsey for me! Hope she enjoyed her spring break in Michigan. It's going to be a great weekend and week off! Enjoy!!

  5. Have a super fun and safe trip!!! Hopefully your trip is full of lots of laughter, love, and leisure! :) Happy Easter!