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March 8, 2016

More Love Letters #SOL16 8/31

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It started with me stumbling on this Ted Talk:

Hannah Brencher: Love letters to strangers

I shared it with Lindsey, my oldest daughter.

Who spent time on the More Love Letters website and 

noticed that Campus Cursive groups were encouraged on college campuses.

Lindsey wrote an email, was accepted

to run the UIowa chapter

with the help and support of her friend, Rachel.

Letters have been written by their fellow res hall residents,

and the Campus Activities Board.

The world can always use more love letters, so

maybe you will be inspired to write a love letter 

to someone who needs one,

perhaps a person you know or

someone you don't.

Student leaving a note of encouragement
on UIowa campus.


  1. How special! I try to leave Michelle a TFTD (thought for the day) every day, just to let her know that she is loved and special. This is something that takes so little time and yet means so much to others. Words of encouragement even if you're not feeling down. Kudos to your daughter.

  2. I love this idea. I may just need to write a few and leave them around for others to find.
    Can't help but add:
    On Iowa! Go Hawks!

  3. What a sweet idea! I have been trying to write notes and letters to my special friends and colleagues over the past year since my word last year was "love", and I really enjoyed it! So important!

  4. So inspiring! I can't wait to watch this video. Maybe I can get my girls to help me leave love letters around the world. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! I got goose bumps reading this!!! That daughter of yours . . . so so special just like her mom! xo

  6. I absolutely love this idea! I remember you sharing it and checked out the website too. I think it's so cool that L. started a campus chapter and kids are writing encouraging love letters! So powerful! So simple. So amazing!

  7. This is something we can all do to help brighten someone's day. I think I'll start leaving sticky note love letters tomorrow and see where it takes me... Thanks for sharing this story, Chris. So proud of Lindsey for starting this at her school!

  8. How lovely! I'm going to check out both sites next.
    It reminds me of the Give Mondays (, which I've done before. There's something so nice about brightening a stranger's day when they least expect it.