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March 18, 2016

"I got a BOOK!" #SOL16 18/31

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Last night was my inaugural family reading night at my new school.  Yes, I've been a raving lunatic leading up to the event (can you spell S-T-R-E-S-S?) and I appreciate all the help and support from my students and fellow teachers and staff.

Today we tallied up the punch cards turned in during the reading night.  Then we counted up the books I ordered (thanks to my principal who spends money on books!).  Yes, it was going to be an exciting morning.... there were enough books for every student who attended the reading night to receive a book to keep!

My coworker Jill and I set up the classroom like a bookstore.  Mo Willems, chapter books, books in Spanish, and nonfiction titles were spread out for easy browsing.  We had the fourth graders come first (pickiest readers - I get it!) so they had first pick.

During little commercials in the classrooms yesterday, I told students they had a chance to win a book.  Today I wish I could have snapped a picture of their faces as we told each group that all of them had won a book.  It was magical.

Kids spent time just walking around and staring at the books at first.  I then told them they should pick them up and browse - just to make sure.  Some friends made deals to read their books, then swap so they could read another new book.

Giving books to kids will never get old.


  1. I can imagine their faces when they found out they would all get a book! I love it! You are so lucky to have the opportunity!

  2. You are right! Kids LOVE getting books! How great you had enough for all to have one! :) How did you pull that one off?

    1. Luckily my principal hadn't spent too much of our building budget. BOOK WIN!!

  3. This made me tear up!!!! What a beautiful thing to do and a beautiful snapshot of their excitement!

  4. This made me tear up!!!! What a beautiful thing to do and a beautiful snapshot of their excitement!

  5. What a great preparation of a great project!
    Bonnie K.

  6. Ahh I remember those nights, such fun! Enjoy week off! hugs.

    1. One more small week of teaching (Mon-Wed, 1/2day Thu) and then break!!
      I'm ready for some rest!