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March 28, 2012

Car Conversations – SOLC #28

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My teenage daughters and I drove five and a half hours across Illinois and Iowa yesterday.  We’re on a mini road trip during spring break, looking at colleges (for the oldest) and shopping (for the youngest).  During the long hours on the road, we talked about a lot of different things. 

Making and keeping friends, especially when there are boys involved 
Does Justin Bieber listen to his early music and cringe at how young he sounds? 
Different religions and churches
Funny stories about their paternal grandmother who grew up in Iowa
Are your GPA and test scores more important than being a well-rounded student? 
Excitement about their dad’s designs for our basement
Of course, when the conversation lapsed, my youngest took over the iPod and played the role of DJ from the backseat.  We listened to everything from hip hop to pop to classic rock.  The miles go faster when you’re singing along to The Beatles, for sure!

When we’re in the car, we can talk about nearly anything without anyone feeling too uncomfortable.  There’s no eye contact, and the conversation can quickly change. 

Mrs. V was right when she commented on my blog yesterday, “Enjoy the trip with your girls. It sounds like it will be a great bonding experience.


  1. Oh what fun! You ended your slice with exactly what I was thinking -- you can basically talk about anything in the car and no one can run away, so talk away! I think it is just awesome that you guys are spending this time together -- enjoy it now because it may be many, many years before it happens again! So, what do we think of the schools?

  2. I'm glad you have such an open relationship with your daughters. Too many teenagers would have their earphones in their ears or be texting or whatever. Hope you're enjoying the schools visits.

  3. What a wonderful capture of life with your girls right now. Definitely worth remembering.

  4. Chris,
    This sounds like the PERFECT spring break. Driving for hours provides so many opportunities to just chat. In the normal days of our busy lives we don't always pause long enough to have these conversations. I'm thinking there might be a few writing ideas hiding in these conversations. Enjoy your trip.