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March 22, 2012

Lucky to be "famous" - SOLC #22

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One of my students came to our game night on his own.  The principal and his mom were fine with his solo attendance, and I offered to walk him home.  As I left the building, I told the other adults I didn't have my badge.   I promised to be back in just a few minutes.

The one block walk turned into a 10 minute walk (I'm not built for speed!).  When I returned to school, I saw one car in the parking lot - our night custodian's truck.  Hmmmm.  I tried the front door, and it was open.  I stepped into the vestibule and tried the interior doors (all four of them).

I was locked out.  Oh boy.

I peeked in all the windows with lights inside.  No sign of our custodian.  I knocked on all the doors.  No answer.  I could see his vacuum in one hallway, and his cart in another.  He likes to listen to music (but not too loud) through his earbuds as he works.  I banged on the windows.  Loudly.

I was still locked out.

As I rounded the school, I heard a voice from the playground, "Hey, Mrs. R!  Whatcha doin?"
I called back to the first grader, "Well - I got locked out of the school!"
"Oh, what will you do now?" she asked.
"I'm trying to figure that out!" I replied with a smile.

As I stood on the playground, watching the sun fall lower in the sky, I saw a 5th grader and asked if he had a phone.  His little sister came running up to me.  I think she's in kindergarten.  I couldn't remember her name, but she knew me.

"Mrs. R!" she squealed.  "I saw you on the TV today at school.  Come to our house.  My dad has a phone!"
My luck had changed!  I'm glad I'm recognizable, even on a dark playground!

Their dad was walking from their house on the edge of the playground towards the kids.  They caught up with him first.  They started explaining my situation.  He welcomed me to their home to make a call.  I called my husband and asked him to pick me up.  My husband chuckled and agreed to come fetch me.

Their dad was very kind and offered to wait with me outside of the school.  I declined and continued to profusely thank him for his kindness.  I returned to school and checked the door.  Our night custodian was coming to lock the outside doors.  He was more than surprised to see me at the door!

I canceled my husband's ride, and our custodian wrote down the school cell phone number.  We laughed at my starring role in the school surveillance video.  I headed home to put my feet up!


  1. Oh no! What a story to tell! I can't believe you got locked out! Quite a surprise. I'm glad it all turned out okay and that being "famous" helps out. See, good thing we've been on the broadcast all week celebrating reading! By the way, even if you had your badge, I don't think you would have been able to get in anyways . . . I think it turns off at a specific time! What ever happened to 'no teacher left behind'?

  2. Teachers working so late and playing taxi that we end up not being able to get into our "office". Just another day in the life of super teachers. ;)

  3. I have starred in more school surveillance videos that I care to recount. Sometimes I've locked myself out; other times I expected the building to be unlocked and it wasn't. Either way, I'm sure it was hysterical for anyone watching to see me beating on the door each time, even yelling. Like you, no one ever came.

    Can provide a chuckle in retrospect. I'm sure it will happen again. :)