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March 27, 2012

Road trip - SOLC #27

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Today we're off to Iowa, land of hogs and corn, two big universities and many small universities.  My oldest daughter is a sophomore in high school and her younger sister is in 8th grade.  Is it too early to look at colleges?  Not when you're on spring break, you're doing home remodeling ($) and your husband has to work. 

A three-day road trip fits the bill!

Last year we went to Ann Arbor to visit the University of Michigan.  I'd always wanted to go there as a kid, but I went to school closer to home.  (GO NIU HUSKIES!)  We wandered the campus and the downtown area.  It was fun to say we'd been there, so our goal for the next year is to unofficially visit a bunch of
colleges in the Midwest, taking our time, and getting a feel for each campus.

If you ask my oldest daughter what she's looking for in a college, she would say that she'd like a big school with great football & basketball teams, lots of different majors, a cool marching band and a girls' lacrosse team.  Don't ask her what she wants to major in.  It makes her stressed - she's my child who likes to plan out everything, and she doesn't know what she's exactly interested in yet.  I'm fine with that - we have time!

If you ask my younger daughter what she's looking for in a college, she would say that she'd like to go to a small school where she can dance, design clothes, go shopping when she's bored (the reality of being broke in college hasn't sunk in), and meet lots of people.  Can you tell she's 13?  It's all about the social life!

So, today we're heading toward Iowa State University (my sister- and brother-in-law are alums) and Drake University.  Tomorrow we visit the University of Iowa, then head to my friend's in the Quad Cities for a visit.    We hope it's a fun trip!


  1. My sister moved away from Oregon to get her Ph.D. at University of Iowa. Now she is a huge Hawkeye fan (married at the stadium, pink Hawkeye on her daughter's first birthday cake...). Enjoy the trip with your girls. It sounds like it will be a great bonding experience.

  2. Sounds like a fun time. It's always interesting visiting colleges. I remember taking Michelle (just a few years ago)- she always said she wanted a small college, but in the end she graduated from University of Illinois. Have a save journey.

  3. Have fun, be safe and soak it all in! Are we planning on visiting all the BIG TEN schools? A big decision awaits!

  4. What fun! What adventures await your daughters!! Must be fun to experience some it again through their eyes.