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March 24, 2012

What to do first? - SOLC #24

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It's the first Saturday of spring break, and I have a few hours of downtime this afternoon.

We survived a Friday night sleepover (zzzz?) and a morning showing of "The Hunger Games."  Now I have to decide what to do.  My options are endless!

Let's see..

  • Continue knitting mittens for my friend 
  • Clean out my office 
  • Read 2 overdue library books 
  • Fill the birdfeeder and watch the woodpeckers and cardinals feast 
  • Paint my toes 
  • Pack for our mini road trip to Iowa 
  • Surf the 'net 
  • Practice my violin 
I think I've decided to.... take a nap!  It's not on the list, but I think I need one.  It's cloudy and cool, and I'm tired.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Hope you really took the nap! It is after all your spring break! Enjoy!

  2. Naps are great, especially on cloudy, cool days! I took one to while the girls were napping!

  3. A busy and full list for the first day of break. Glad nap took precedence! You've got plenty of time for all that other stuff!

  4. I love when the decisions about what to do are ones like these! Hope you enjoyed your nap, and will continue to have fun options like these the entire time of your spring break!!