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March 8, 2012

Eight is Great - SOLC #8

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Hooray for number 8!

It's one of my favorite numbers for many reasons...

* I love to watch ice skaters gracefully shape this magical shape

* It's the subject of a cute elementary joke, 
What did zero say to eight?
Nice belt!

* 8 looks like a snowman, especially when I draw it with my loopy handwriting.

* You can easily make 8 with 4 fingers on each hand.

* My birthday is on the 8th of September, just like the poet, Jack Prelutsky.
Woo hoo! It's my half birthday today!

* It's the subject of a Beatles song with a catchy tune ("Eight Days a Week")

* Eight rhymes with lots of words with lots of different spellings.... freight, late, great, state, trait.

Hooray for number 8!


  1. My favorite number is 8. My birthday is on the 18th, but I just like the smooth curves of 8. It's also a round number--hee, hee! I like the joke about the belt. Aren't slices fun. Where else can you just talk about something so quaint as your favorite number?

  2. You need one more reason to make eight! The joke is too funny! It's a great day when eight can be honored.

  3. This was a clever post. I have to think what my favorite number is. Your have good reasons. I hadn't heard the joke before. Funny. As funny as Jack Prelutsky's poems.

  4. Yes, you need one more...are you an octopus fan?

  5. are so clever... great idea when the mind is blank...not yours..mine!

  6. Guess I never thought about the number 8 before. You give me a total different perspective on that number. Happy half birthday!!!

  7. I liked all your reasons for loving eight. I like the number three but I am not sure I could do justice to the number as you have for 8.

  8. Oh! I didn't realize I only had 7 reasons why I love 8!

    Good thing I'm the 8th comment and can tell you the 8th reason that 8 is great! Tonight 8 of us attended my oldest daughter's high school band concert. We were treated to 4 bands who played 2 pieces each (4x2=8). In the 50-50 raffle, a lucky parent won $400, so we raised $800 for the band.

    Who says 7 is a lucky number... huh!?!? :)