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March 14, 2012

How I Met Your Father - SOLC #14

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Dear daughters,

Beware the 13-year-old boy who knocks books out of your hands and run circles around you on your way to class.  Beware of the boy you want to shove into his locker, especially because he can fit inside!

One day you might marry him!

I met my husband, Jeff, in 7th grade.  He popped into my language arts class to bother his sister, my friend.  He decided that I was someone he should bother, too.  Jeff and his buddy Jeff (two times the trouble!) had all kinds of free hallway time before they had to report for chorus down the hall.  I had never found anyone to be so annoying (but kinda cute!) in my life.

Flash forward four years later to junior year of high school.  Jeff socializes in my large circle of friends.  I have a puppy love crush on a boy from another school.  When I'm snubbed for the last time, I finally give up on the other boy.  It's now the summer before senior year.  

I'm running errands with my mom, and the subject of dating (!?) awkwardly comes up.  "Yeah," I mumble.  "I could see myself going out with a couple of the guys in my group, like Jeff, but no one's asked me."

3rd of July, 1986
The phone rings.  It's Jeff.
"Hey, a bunch of us are going to watch the fireworks tomorrow.  Do you want to come?"
"Sorry," I tell him.  "I already have plans for that day."
"That's okay," says Jeff.  "Let's go see a movie next week."

Beware of the boy you want to shove into his locker.  One day you might marry him!


  1. Oh Chris such a sweet story... memory! 7th Grade YIKES! That's a long long time. Thanks for sharing it made me smile :-)

  2. The warning is priceless! It's funny how love happens. A great story for the kids and grandkids to come.

  3. What a great story--makes me think I should make sure my kids know how I met their father. I can't believe you met him in the 7th grade!

  4. Chris, I love your story! It gave pause and an idea for another slice! I think I should tell my children the story of how I met their daddy! Very inspiring idea!

  5. I love how you wrote the letter to your daughters warning them . . . what a great story!