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March 19, 2012

Heat Wave - SOLC #19

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I had a terrible time sleeping last night.  It was 80 degrees here in Illinois.  I really hate to turn on the AC when the air outside starts to cool, so I had the whole house fan going instead.  I tried desperately to find ways to bring the cooler air into our house, but I had no luck.

My husband tried to explain that the best way to get the air into the house was to create a vacuum - only open the windows a tiny bit in a few rooms.  I couldn't believe this would work, so of course I had a few windows wide open and even opened a few doors.

The house was still hot.

"Give up.  Turn on the AC," he said.
"It's March,"  I replied.  "Besides, it's cool outside.  It will cool off inside soon!"

It never did.

2:34 a.m.
I'm lying on top of the sheets, blankets thrown off.  I'm really crabby when I'm hot.  I opened the door to the backyard.  Cool air outside, but nothing coming in.  I still don't turn the AC on.  I think about sleeping outside, but I roll over and manage to fall asleep.

6:30 a.m.
I crawl out of bed.  The air is thick with humidity.

"Turn on the AC,"  my husband says.  (I'm surprised he doesn't add, "I told you so!")

I switch the AC on.  The condenser roars to life.  The house starts to cool.  Maybe I'll sleep tonight!


  1. Ridiculous, I know. But for an even temperature in our house we turned on the AC too! Crazy to think in March!?!? Sleep better tonight!

  2. And next week you will probably need to start a fire to warm the house. Crazy weather!