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Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
I do my best to help my students find success.

March 9, 2012

Sharing Slices - SOLC #9

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It's been two weekend days and three long days of testing since I last saw my 5th grade group.  You know, the ones who "signed up" to join me in writing each day in March.

I'm excited to say that two of the four students have written EVERY DAY since March started.  When one left her notebook at school, she found paper and wrote her slices there.  The two other students said they've written a few days, but their notebook was at home.  I assured all of them that it was optional to be part of the challenge - it was great if they wrote, it was fine if they didn't.... no pressure!

I showed the group a few of the comments I've received on my writing (thanks, everyone!), and I asked the two EVERY DAY writers if they wanted to share their writing with each other.  I invited them to sit on the rug and have a conversation about their writing.

They did just that.  They sat for a good 10 minutes, reading slices to each other and having a conversation.

I'm sorry that I wasn't sitting next to them.  I'm sorry I missed it, but I know that conversation will inspire these students to keep on writing -- even when it gets tough -- for 22 more days!

Happy writing to all, and thank you so much for your encouraging comments!  I appreciate them!


  1. Yes, comments make it all worth the effort. So glad your students have joined us in the challenge. Did they give you a chance to comment too? Happy writing!

  2. My students slice,too...and they love those comments.

  3. It really is funny how I look forward to reading comments...this really was a surprise to me! I think I like seeing the connection with people some that I don't even know! I'm sure the kids love the connection too!

  4. Chris,
    Isn't it a bit sad that there is more time set aside for testing than writing? I know that is an oversimplification of what is happening, but more attention is paid to the scores of children than to their words. Your students are lucky to have you. Keep nurturing your.growing writing community.

  5. I am so fascinated by these stories of student slicers! I work with preschoolers, so I am living vicariously through others' posts. I imagine that this type of challenge is life-changing or life-defining for some young writers - immersing them in the magic of daily writing. Thanks for sharing!