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Students are constantly moving, thinking, talking, reading and writing.
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March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Symphony - SOLC #25

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Sunday Morning Symphony

Cardinals singing, “whoop whoop pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty

Cars whooshing, rushing

Music flowing out of neighbor’s windows

Church bells pealing – inviting, celebrating

Airplanes accelerating

Children giggling, calling out, “Watch me!”

Dogs barking, announcing joggers pounding the pavement

Dishes and silverware chiming

Parakeet chattering, answering the outside birds

Hammer banging

Fingers tapping the keys

Sunday Morning Symphony


  1. "Children giggling, calling out, “Watch me!”" and "Fingers tapping the keys" are my favorite lines! I love giggling children--there is something contagious about their laugh and giggles!

  2. I heard so many of the same things today, making me want to run outside and join in the parade! It made being sick and staying on the couch an even lonelier place. :)

  3. All these sounds are a wonderful way to wake up and approach a new day! I love sitting on our porch in the early morning and listening to the birds singing and squirrels running thru the leaves. Thanks for sharing your symphony

  4. Oh, you surprised me with this one! I was thinking of your symphony - maybe a concert? But I loved that it was "nature's" own symphony - one of my favorites! Can you capture that on a CD that I can play over and over in my room?