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March 26, 2012

Pampered - SOLC #26

My daughters and I tried a new nail shop today.  I usually go for one or two pedicures in a year, and they have gone once before.  The nail shop is new and shiny, with friendly people who want to grow their business.  The gentleman who gave two of us pedicures made sure we were having an excellent experience.
"Do you like your pedicure?  Is this towel too hot?  Would you like a drink?  Have you had a pedicure with the leg scrub before?  Can I show you how to adjust the massage chair?"
We talked about word of mouth advertising. He firmly believes in it.  He and his business partner (we think she's his sister or wife - she kept chiding him about his technique in their native language) were talking about how they have only been open for four weeks, but they want to be a nail shop that stands out from the rest.

They are offering a first month discount (I love a deal!) and they offer student rates.  Their pedicure is a spa pedicure, and they have bowl liners.  The owner made sure he asked our names and shared all their unique offerings with us.

Yes, there was still some quiet time to enjoy the massage chair and relax.  We walked away with excellent pedicures and freshly shaped eyebrows.  The owner offered us a pile of advertisements and cards and asked politely if we wouldn't mind telling our friends about his shop.

It was nice to be pampered in such a lovely shop with genuinely kind people.


  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed your pampering. My daughter often goes with her grandmother as I've had to give up pedis. It is a wonderful treat.

  2. Ok -- send me the info!!! I want to take my mom for a mani-pedi this week, so we will go check it out too! And I love a great deal! :)

  3. Sounds like a delightful way to spend some quality time with your daughters. Hopefully Michelle & I can fit it in to our schedule.

  4. I love being pampered and I especially love pedicures. I tend to have a definite plan when I'm there. It involves my heated, massaging chair, a good book, and a good drink. So glad you pampered yourself today!