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March 12, 2012

Chocolate Chips - SOLC #12

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Oh, yes, ladies and gentlemen.  It's Monday.  The least favorite day of the week, if you're me.

Let's forget it's Monday and talk about....
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate chips are the best food on the entire planet.  (I dare you to argue with me!)  They are small, sweet little smooches with an adorable tiny top.  They are made by some of the finest chocolate companies on earth - Ghirardelli, Nestle, Hershey.  You can store hide them in the freezer or in the cabinet - whatever's most convenient for a quick hit.

When you need just a bit of chocolate love, chocolate chips are there for you.  They come in a variety of chocolate styles - milk, semi sweet, mint and white chocolate (which I've heard really isn't chocolate, but let's not be picky!)

My favorite chocolate chip story was told at my husband's Grandma Jane's funeral.  She taught 5th grade for many, many years, and she was a chocolate chip connoisseur, like myself.  During one holiday visit to my husband's house, Grandma Jane walked downstairs to have breakfast.  The kids were quick to ask her about the brown smear at the corner of her mouth.  She distracted them as she found a napkin and quickly cleaned her face.  As the kids grew older, they learned that Grandma Jane had a habit of carrying a handful of chocolate chips to bed with her at night, and sometimes she fell asleep eating them.

Ahhh, chocolate chips are little pieces of heaven!


  1. Oh, Chris, I totally agree with you. Ask Michelle how I looked high and low to find some chocolate at her house when I was last there and she had nary a of piece of chocolate or even chocolate chips!

  2. Yeah! You are SO right. I try to hide them in the freezer, but guess what! They taste just as good (maybe better) frozen! Thanks for sharing. You made my Monday!!!

  3. How is that my mom is your grandma?

  4. Like I always say Chris I've never met a piece of chocolate that wasn't delicious? Great story!

  5. Oh, you know how I feel about chocolate and chocolate chips for that matter! My favorite chocolate chip story? Some friends were shopping at Costco before stopping by for a visit with my two little ones last summer and I happened to mention the big bag of chocolate chips. You showed up at my door an hour later with "Chip" swaddled in a blanket. What a whopping 10 pounder! Yum!

  6. I love this! You reminded me I have a big bag of chocolate chips in my pantry. I might need to have a few, in your honor, tonight!