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March 29, 2012

New experiences - SOLC #29

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We arrived back in our hometown this afternoon and unloaded our bags. The girls collected 3 new college t-shirts and lots of new knowledge after our 3-day road trip to Iowa.

My oldest daughter experienced over six hours of driving - on highways, around small towns and through a hilly college campus.

My youngest daughter learned some new organizational tips from a friend who also struggles with ADHD.

I learned how to be less of a white-knuckled passenger with my student driver at the wheel.

The girls experienced their first hotel stay in a No-Moms-Allowed room.  My girls and my friend's daughter were excited and nervous about being down the hall from the moms, but they did great.

We all learned that college campuses are very unique, and there are many pros and cons to all of them.  It will be a big decision for both of them.

I wish my husband was able to go on this trip with us, but during the trip I was reminded that I married the right guy nearly 22 years ago.  He managed our construction, dealt with his work responsibilities, and even took great care of the parakeet that he wished we didn't have.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip with your daughters.
    I am about to have my older daughter drive me around as she learns to drive. I will have to remember to breath.

  2. Glad to hear you are back safe and sound. It's always a challenge to have a student driver, but that was an excellent learning experience for her - just never easy on you! Loved your last paragraph about hubby - isn't it great that they can take care of themselves.

  3. Big decisions. Big changes. Good luck to all of you!