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March 6, 2013

A helpful winter tool SOLC #6

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It's a handy little tool
Much smaller than the rest
It helps you in the winter
It really is the best

What is this handy tool
That helps with all the snow?
It's my baby snowblower
And man, can that thing throw!

It's powered by electricity
There's not a cord around
Long enough to reach the end
Of the driveway...that I've found

When the neighbors see me,
They smirk and they laugh
To see me out there with this tiny tool
and the big drifts that I attack

Oh baby snowblower you are little,
But you really help me out
Better than a shovel or a plow
Without you, I would pout!

Happy snow day recovery to my midwest friends... may the snow fall not as deep in the east today!


  1. Ode to the snowblower! Hey, whatever works, right? Fun poem!

  2. Good poem and wonderful tool to have around - especially this winter. So much better than those shovels, but I'm glad it's you using it and not me.

    1. Not a big fan of snow, Judy? Hope the warm spring air finds it's way to your house soon!

  3. Your poem reminded me of the Little Engine that Could ....