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March 31, 2013

Sunday Night Procrastination SOLC #31

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We had a beautiful Easter celebration with my side of the family at our house today.  The food was delicious, the company was fun and enjoyable, and we had an excellent day.

Now the dishes are nearly done (2 dishwasher runs and many sinks full of soapy water), the great room and kitchen are vacuumed.  

Now it's time for our weekly installment of ....Sunday Night Procrastination!

I do get a round of applause -  I emptied my school bag yesterday and took care of the most pressing details (read:  evaluation reflection).  Tonight I'm simply repacking my bag with lots of papers that I will deal with another day (read:  they will sit on my desk until summer vacation!).

It's 9:45 p.m. My oldest has been gone for a week on vacation with a friends' family.  She pulled out her homework at 5:00 p.m.  A mere 4.75 hours later her history vocabulary is done, but there's that one paragraph to write for English.  She's been looking though old pictures for the past 30 minutes.  (The leaf does not fall far from the tree!)

My youngest gets kudos for packing her school bag and finding her ID tonight.  She hasn't fallen into the procrastination trap tonight (there's always a first!).

We all decided that we procrastinate when it comes to the least favorite chores on the list.  The clock keeps ticking and we pretend we still have time to do things later.  Meanwhile, our brains are turning to mush from spring break.  Sure, tomorrow's April, but it feels like the first day of school!

Thanks to all the slicers who visited and commented here during the month of March!  WE DID IT!
I sincerely hope to write alongside of you most (or every!) Tuesdays.
Thanks to Ruth & Stacey for being our writing mentors!
Thanks to Michelle & Lynn for personally encouraging me to keep writing!

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  1. OK, so it's 1:00 in Denver. And I didn't do nearly the amount of school work that I should have done. And now I'm laying awake thinking about it. Hmm. It's been fun to read your slices. I will keep coming back on Tuesdays…