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March 18, 2013

Our crazy family pet SOLC #18

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No pet could replace our beloved black lab, Candy.  We had to put her down four years ago.  She was our family pet for 16 years.

Today, let's not focus on the sad story (we do miss you, Candy Lou!)... you've got to meet our current pet.

Tweety the crazy bird.

Tweety originally went home from the pet store with our neighbor, Cindy, and her family.  Their kids were in elementary school.  Tweety was a great addition, providing lots of entertainment.  A few years after Tweety arrived, they got their dog, Leia.

Now Leia thought Tweety might make a delicious snack.  Our neighbors worried about Tweety, and he had to spend lots of time in his cage, when he preferred to be out.

I mentioned to Cindy during one of our walks a few years ago that Allison (my youngest) needed something.  She had dance and hobbies, but needed an animal to care for.  We weren't ready for another dog.

BINGO!  We decided that Tweety should live at our house.  My husband was less than thrilled ("I thought I said no pets!") but he went along with a parakeet.  Low maintenance!  Now that Tweety has lived with us for almost two years, we have decided that this bird is crazy.  He definitely has a personality, and without him around, the house would be boring.

When Tweety gets a chance to be out of his cage, he enjoys:

  • eating millet and spreading the seed casings all over the room
  • flying around, landing on heads of our unsuspecting friends
  • waddling around on the floor, searching for crumbs like a dog
  • bobbing for cereal in my breakfast bowl
  • biting fingers and complaining when he doesn't want to return to his cage
  • squeaking like a dog toy when he wants to be goofy
  • nodding his head to catchy songs (he especially likes songs from Pitch Perfect)
  • sitting on the top of my laptop, cooing as I type
I don't know how old Tweety is, or how long his life expectancy is, but right now he's an interesting part of our lives.  Crazy bird!


  1. What a difference...from a dog to a bird. I am glad that you were able to take Tweety...and it sounds like he has made his place in your home. I can just see him nodding his head to songs. Thanks for the picture...he is really a pretty bird. Jackie

  2. What a good lookin' fella! Glad you have another pet to bring joy to the family :)

  3. I think Tweety might have been around the dog too long as he seems to have taken on some dog traits. I'm sure he is a lot of entertainment and low maintenance too.

  4. How funny! Sounds like he has quite the personality! Not sure I could concentrate with a bird sitting on my laptop! How great that he was able to fill that "pet hole" for your daughter.