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March 15, 2013

Television stars SOLC #15

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We packed a bag.

We brought our scripts.

We breathed in and out, calming our nerves.

We shouted a cheer.

We shared information.

We smiled and laughed.

We were television stars.

Kids saw us later.

"I saw you on the broadcast!"

"You put all the stuff on at the same time!"

"You were great!!"

We were television stars!

We asked, "Did we do a good job?"

The answers were all "Yes!"

Our biggest fans are 5-11 year olds.

Nielsen doesn't track our ratings.

We were television stars,

On the broadcast

At our elementary school.

We rocked it!

(***see yesterday's post for the story behind this slice)


  1. It's great being a star for kids. Even my 8th graders cheer us on when we act goofy for them.

  2. Love it! That is the best part of school surprising students and have fun with them.

  3. Oh...I bet you had fun doing that. You were stars in the student's eyes...and that makes you a star in real life. Did you make a copy for us to see? Jackie

  4. Do you suppose that was your fifteen minutes of fame? Great poem to preserve the fun you had.

  5. Yes we are! As much as I dreaded doing it, I'm so glad that we did! It was fun and the kids were so excited for us -- rock stars! You forgot the "You were so funny!" :) I'm so glad that can please our little ones at school! Looking forward to more screen time next week with you!

  6. The repetition in the structure of this poem and then how you move away from it really makes it effective. You rocked it!

  7. Who cares about the Nielsen ratings when you have the kids giving you high five's. Hope you have fun being a rock star and are enjoying the limelight!.