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March 5, 2013

Messy kitchen = happy family SOLC #5

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When we remodeled our house, I knew the kitchen wasn't for me.  I'm the now-and-then baker and throw-together-pasta-for-dinner cook.  My husband, Jeff, is the true chef of the family.

For the past few years, Jeff  has traveled extensively for work.  My daughters have gotten used to nearly-edible dinners and take out opportunities.  I usually get a text at dinner time..."We were thinking of grabbing dinner at  Potbelly's... is that okay?"  I never say no.

For the past two months, my husband has worked locally.  The vast amount of meat in our freezer has been defrosted proactively and turned into some beautiful dinners with incredible side dishes...

Baked chicken (brined before baking)
Beef Bourguignon
Spaghetti with a rich meat sauce
Roasted vegetables
Garlic mashed potatoes

Needless to say, I have a lot of clean up after dinner, but it's worth it!  Our beautiful kitchen deserves to be used, and I don't mind scrubbing dishes and the stove top.

Our stomachs are full of food prepared with love.  Dinner has become a less stressful part of the day for me and the head chef.  The girls are staying home for dinner more often, and we've had more time to talk and laugh as a family.

I wonder what's for dinner tonight!


  1. Nothing better than a family dinner - ESPECIALLY if someone else is doing the cooking!

  2. I'm with you Chris . . . if someone wants to cook I'll be happy to clean up! As much as I love to cook for company-the everyday cooking is for the birds! I bet Jeff is loving cooking with many ingredients the biggest one being LOVE!

  3. I love how this slice came together. Your writing is just perfect -- not too much and not too little. Just the right amount of food and mess and love and laughter and talking! The perfect combination . . . I wonder what is for dinner tonight?

  4. My husband was the head chef in our family......fortunately for me, my children have their dad's cooking gene, and also love to cook. I am one of those I can cook really well- if and when I am in the mood, people:-) As the old saying goes, good food brings people together......I am glad you and your family are getting the very most out of your new kitchen:-)

  5. Jeff is like my hubby - he loves to cook,is innovative with few ingredients and always makes something yummy to eat. I love it! It's great that the girls are staying home and sharing in the meals and sharing their days. I think that is what is missing in our families today.

  6. Yum! I want somebody like this in my life! I so would not mind cleaning up if someone else did the cooking. And I totally agree with you and all of the other commenters, maybe the most important thing is that you are sitting down and having fellowship together.

  7. What a wonderful gift!! I would love to walk in and have dinner ready for me, but my husband and I actually have the opposite arrangement - I cook, he cleans. I have to say though, what your husband prepares, sounds a lot more yummy than the quick and easy weeknight things I like to do. Glad that dinner has slowed down and people are gathering around the table.