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March 12, 2013

Late Start SOLC #12

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It's late start at the high school today.  My school starts at 9:00 a.m.


Stay up late
Remind mom it's late start
Ignore pleas to get to bed and turn off phones
History notes
Sending texts
Set alarm for 8:15
Need a wake up body shake at 8:20
No rush to get out of bed


Call "all phones off" at 10:00 - get response, "It's late start, mom!"
Remind oldest at 11:15 that she needs to go to bed - get response, "It's late start, mom!"
Fall asleep - really crash - at 11:30
Alarm beeps and screams at 6:30
Pound alarm button
Decide you need a late start, too
Roll over
7:45 wake up
Decide you can take a really quick shower
7:51 finally get up
Ready at 8:25
Hair doesn't look that bad
Arrive at school 8:50

Sometimes we all need a late start to our day.


  1. One thing I've learned about teens . . . they don't have the "urgency gene" as of yet...glad you lost yours for a bit this you said sometimes we all just need "it" whatever that is!

  2. When does your school normally start? We start at 7:35 with the pledge, it is hideously early.

  3. I just vaguely remember those teenage years (maybe it is good to forget them). They do tend to procrastinate and can't understand why "it" must be done now. Glad you too got a late start and could enjoy a few more minutes in bed.

  4. Oh no! I didn't even notice! You pulled it off! :) I wish we had late starts too . . . but instead, we'll just create our own! We all have THOSE days!