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March 4, 2013

Lindsey SOLC #4

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Lindsey likes to ask about my blog.  "Did you write about me today?"  I chuckle and remember that the world does revolve all around 16-year-olds, right?!  "Maybe next time," I always reply.

Last year Lindsey had to wait until the final days of the SOL Challenge to get a few mentions in my slices (Daughter,  Car Conversations).  This year, she makes #4 on the challenge list of slices.

Lindsey is my oldest and a born leader.  I remember explaining to her -- at the ripe age of 3 -- the idea of "free will."  She always insisted that her younger sister should play whatever she wanted to play.  I remember trying to coach Lindsey that her younger sister could choose a different activity.  That never went over well.  Let's be honest, the girl likes to be in charge.

Lindsey is steadfast and loyal to her friends, teams and organizations.  She helps her friends when they need it and always manages to have fun.  Her teachers have always enjoyed her sarcastic, yet completely appropriate, sense of humor, since elementary school.  Lindsey has played every women's sport (except volleyball) and her coaches always rely on her to follow directions, know the plays, and support her teammates.

When asked what she likes best about her big sister, Allison stated:
"She's funny and a sweet sister.  She knows what is right.  I know if I have a problem, she will help me solve it.  I also love her long hair that has no split ends!"
Lindsey's passions include golf, lacrosse, and marching band.  (Of course she picked the coolest instrument, the sousaphone!) She's got lots of school spirit, so she's looking for a Big Ten college that fits her academic, campus and social goals.  A career in law or business (or a mix) is in her future.

I'll never forget the day Lindsey arrived.  She was due on my birthday, September 8th, but that wasn't going to work for her.  In the early hours of August 31st, I thought I had terrible stomach cramps from dinner.  Later that morning I made my way to a doctor's appointment.  We were supposed to attend a family reunion at my parents' house in the afternoon.   Instead of the party, I got to go to the hospital!

I'm exceptionally proud of the great kid she's become.  I know she feels like her dad and I have big expectations for her, but we know that she's capable of doing anything she sets her mind to.

Love ya, Linds!


  1. I love the sister quote... and no split ends???? imagine. What a fabulous post about your amazing, sweet, and athletic daughter. xo

  2. Oh my gosh Chris . . . what beautiful words . . .what love! Be proud of the wonderful job you have done as a mom . . . I see quite a few of the same characteristics between the two of you!

  3. Chris, you an your husband have a lot to be proud of in both of your daughters! I'm sure that no matter what field Lindsey ventures into, she will be successful. Oh, the envy of the younger sister - no split ends!

  4. Lindsey must be delighted she is #4 this year:-) Obviously, you and your husband are doing a wonderful job raising your girls and have a lot to be proud of:-) I would like to know Lindsey's secret to having - no split

  5. Awww. . . .I'm sure Lindsey just loves this! (I love her humor as well!) I love how you truly captured her with your words. And not just words of a mother. Lindsey has big plans for her future and we will all be cheering for her on the sidelines!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! She sounds like quite a gal!