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March 28, 2013

Alli's home SOLC #28

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The text looked something like this, "Yes, PLEASE come and pick up Alli.  We will be home around 2:00p.m."

It was my dad. I think my youngest and my parents had enjoyed each other just enough, but now it was time for them to go their separate ways.

Allison gathered firewood with the lawn tractor as I got the scoop on their 5-day RV trip to Nashville.  My parents reported typical teen behavior:  earbuds, music blaring, on the phone, sleeping late.  My dad loves to keep the conversation going, but thought maybe Allison talked a bit toooooo much at times.  Sure, they had a few complaints about her attitude and lack of interest in regular meals, but they both agreed they had a good time.

At dinner tonight, Alli exclaimed that she was SO glad to be off the "senior plan."  She reported typical "senior" (60+) behavior:  waking up too early, eating at early times, asking me what I want to do, telling me to get off my phone.  Sure, she had a few complaints about their demands ("You need a coat!"), but she agreed they had a good time.

Of course, we all know that Alli's home.  A pile of her luggage, sweatshirts, blanket and pillow sit at the top of the stairs, waiting to go down to the laundry room.  She already called and invited a friend over to have "the campfire I didn't get to have in Nashville because it was either too cold or rainy."  You can hear she and her friend laughing and talking outside, even with the windows and doors closed.  (They are 14, 'nuff said!)

It's good to have Alli home!


  1. Gotta love teenagers! The "senior plan" is pretty funny. I'm sure someday she will look back fondly at the memories she just made.

  2. Oh, those special teenage years. Glad they all survived (and you too).

  3. I enjoyed reading about the opposing views of their trip-teen vs. senior moments. I can picture my parents having the same complaints about my son...glad to hear she survived and they "had a good time".