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March 14, 2013

Looking for the sunny side SOLC #14

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We've got spirit.  Yes we do.  We've got spirit.  How 'bout you?


Michelle and I were reminded that we usually kick of Read Across America Week on the last week of school before spring break.  We combine RAA with school spirit week.  There's crazy hair day, wear spring colors day, wear silly ties, hats and clothes.  We celebrate reading, we go on our broadcast.  We become superstars in our kids' eyes.


I have a headache just thinking of preparing for spirit week.  It's ONE MORE THING.  We finally finished state testing.  We're barely back into our regularly scheduled groups.

Where can I find some spirit?  some energy?  some fun?


I do have lots of chocolate in my desk, but that sticks to the hips.

It's finally sunny outside, but there's a threat of snow.

There's sunshine inside me, but it's buried under a layer of exhausted, winter-fatigued blah-ness.

Gotta find the inner sunshine soon.... I'm tired of being a grump!



  1. Yes! This is how I'm feeling! You've taken my thoughts and created this beautifully written slice. It feels like one more thing . . .

    You are so positive: "There's sunshine inside me, but it's buried under a layer of exhausted, winter-fatigued blah-ness." I hope my spirit it's buried and will come out with our spirit week -- as we become superstars in our kids' eyes! Ah, I'm already lightening up - I forgot about that! (Hey, I saw you on TV!) And with spring break right around the corner...more sunshine.

    Thanks for always bringing the sunshine, Chris!

  2. Oh how can I help bring some sunshine to you both? It will be a sad day when the two of you bahh-hum-bug and really really mean it! You both know your visit on WFSN is a school favorite!

  3. Oh...but the sunshinw will find a way out and climb through the winter fatigued blah-ness. Give it a little time...and it will 'spring' right out! Jackie

  4. I love this post. I was so there a week or two ago myself. Library day today (and the end of state testing) has done much to bring some sunshine back. And we have a spirit week next week, too.

  5. Even though it's a lot of work and effort for you and Michelle, you know that the spirit (along with the sunshine) is just waiting to burst out and be enjoyed by all. And then on top of that, it'll be spring break!

  6. I think waiting two more weeks for a break is tough for our teachers. It has been a long winter, and the evaluation process has made them less joyful in their teaching... it's been grueling to them. Their spirits are better, except for the third grade teachers who are holding their breath as the state-mandated reading do-or-die test for their students hits next week. Then we will have one more week till spring break... come back... and have just a few weeks until more statewide testing ensues. It's easy to see why we get the blahs...

  7. So right there with you. We are in the middle of state testing. Teachers are exhausted (and grumpy). Kids are exhausted (and grumpy). We have one more week before break and I'm trying to think of something I could do to bring a little joy to the next week.