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March 24, 2013

Attitude is everything SOLC #24

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It was crazy hair day at school on Thursday.  I was excited to get to school and see all the crazy hairdos.  Lots of teachers decided to wear pigtails - it made them look like grade school girls.  Two of our male teachers chose rainbow clown wigs.

The most impressive hairstyle was this one:

Colleen is a new teacher this year, teaching kindergarten in the morning and assisting students in the afternoon.  Pretty fancy hair, right?  Creative is the word I use to describe her!  

What I admire about Colleen is her attitude.  She's trying new things in her classroom every day.  It might not work the exact way she planned, and she has her hands full with a few behaviors, but I have yet to see her get frustrated.

This makes me think about teachers' attitudes toward teaching.  We can be in our first year, our twelfth year, or our thirty-second year, and our attitude is what makes our jobs easier or more difficult.  I've really felt like I've been less than excellent in my teaching this year, but when I've exclaimed that to my coworkers, they respond that they didn't see it.  I've kept a positive face and attitude. 

I've tried to see the best in the adults I work with, but there's a few who lament, "I'm overwhelmed.  It's just too much.  I can't do it."  It's frustrating to hear this.

I wish they would say, "This is tricky.  I feel unsure of myself.  I will give you my best effort and stop complaining and work with you to complete it."

Maybe I'm dreaming, but I think our students do this every day.  They don't say it, and they may get red-faced frustrated, but they try.

Attitude is everything.  We need to remember that as adults.  I'm hoping spring break will breathe a little "can-do attitude" into my colleagues.  


  1. Chris, what big truths! It seems like this has been a hard, hard year for many teachers. I'm hearing way more, "I'm overwhelmed. It's just too much. I can't do it," than "This is tricky. I feel unsure of myself. I will give you my best effort and stop complaining and work with you to complete it." Thanks for this important reminder!

  2. I think you are very right. So much of the time, in the classroom and out, our attitude is what makes or breaks us. I have been working with my student teacher on this very idea. Sometimes we don't feel good, sometimes it's a bad attitude kind of day, but you can't let your students see that. Sometimes, you have to put on your game face and play the best acting role of your life for your students. Not that I'm saying be fake with your students, but your good attitude is important to their learning, just like their attitude can make your day easier or harder. Thanks for sharing this good reminder today!

  3. I truly believe that attitude is everything and that "Attitudes are contagious".......Sounds like yours is worth "cathching". Keep staying positive!

  4. This is such an inspiring post! You're right -- it's so easy to get overwhelmed, when really we should be saying "this isn't working NOW, but I can try again..." I think spring break is the perfect time for an attitude re-adjustment!

  5. I think that no matter what profession, organization or just life in general, that attitude will make or break the outcome. Thanks for the reminder that we all need a positive attitude to pass on to others around us.

  6. Having a positive attitude and being willing to make changes/adjustments for the sake of the greater good is what makes teachers great.

    What an inspiriting post, Chris! Thanks for this.

  7. Our thinking certainly can make or break. Attitude is everything. When we are overwhelmed that is when we need to reach out, we have all been there!

  8. Wow - awesome reflection. Attitude is everything. Some days are more difficult than others, but if we push through it together, we can do it. I only wish this can be shared with others. I appreciate your reminder.

  9. This is so true! I think young teachers are such a great reminder of this. They are always ready to tackle the challenges, figure things out, dive in to get things done. I think you are right that our students do this every day. We should too. Thanks for the positive reminder.