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March 25, 2013

Exercise SOLC #25

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Exercise.  A necessary evil when you're trying to drop a few many pounds.

Can't we find a way to make it more appealing?  I hate it.

I spent 30 minutes on the XBox this morning, coached by Bob from the Biggest Loser.  I figured he would be more caring and kind than Jillian (she's mean!).  Alas, even when Bob called out encouragement, "I know you can do this.  You need to dig deeper!" I couldn't help but scowl at his virtual reality face.

Shut up, video game guy!

I tried 8 weeks of Yogalates and discovered that I like yoga, but I abhor pilates.  I have no core and I look ridiculous.

I enjoy walking outside, but it's been cold and blustery and my shoes don't fit correctly.

I look like a sausage in my capris and sports bra.  My Nike shirt clings to every bump and roll.

Even though I feel better after it's over....  Exercise.  I hate it.  


  1. I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. I love swimming laps, but hate getting up early enough to do so before school. I love running, but the weather has not been cooperating lately, ditto with the bike. I do find that having a good book to listen to while I run or exercise does help motivate me. Right now I'm listening to THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS.

  2. You speak the truth for many of us. And even though you know you feel better when you are done, it's so hard to hold onto that feeling day after day. I wish there was an easier way too...maybe the audio book is the way to go? I'm going to have to try it. Keep it up!

  3. I like your lead, "A necessary evil when you're trying to drop a few many pounds." I especially like your unique wording with "a few many pounds." I think every reader can connect/relate!

  4. Oh Chris - I hear you. I felt myself totally connecting to the idea of trying many things and often finding an excuse. It's all a mental game, and while everyone else can tell us whatever they want, it's how we feel internally. You right about this in a way that is matter-of-fact, not self-depricating, yet honest, thanks for sharing, and saying what many of us are thinking ... ALL THE TIME!

  5. Thanks for reminding me that I need to exercise. I wish I had to push a pedal or lift a weight for every word I read/write/type all day long. Dang, I'd either be in great shape or have very muscular--I'm talking HUGE--fingers. :)

  6. Strong voice in this piece. I have been thinking about my lack of daily exercise. It is another phase of mine that hasn't quite stuck.

  7. I feel you! However, I do climb the steps at school each day. Surely that counts for something!

  8. Exercise - that necessary evil. I do exercise every morning and walk most days, but do I "enjoy" it? Not really, there are some mornings that I need to talk myself into it. I've found that exercising first thing in the morning is how I get through each day and I miss that feeling when I don't exercise. Try getting a partner to encourage you and work out with you. Keep at it!

  9. I'm right there with you and I'm supposed to run/walk...maybe crawl a 5k next month.

  10. I love exercise when I'm doing it, but I'm horrible at getting myself to go do it! Our gym membership is like throwing money straight into the trash can right now... but I tell myself that I'll start again in the summer. Good luck to you!

  11. I love exercise when I have time for it, when I have the right outfit, and when I'm well-rested. Unfortunately, I rarely have all three at the same time. Still, I've been trying to run in the mornings with my Wii. Yes, I call it running. I sweat and that makes me feel good. Keep trying. I think it's like writing: it feels better when you get better at it and the only way to get better at it . . .

  12. Right with you. Need to lose a bunch of pounds but not motivated. I hate exercise for the purpose of exercise. I like exercise that accomplishes something- shoveling snow, mowing, gardening, etc. I like walking with the dog, but that is not really aerobic enough.