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March 13, 2014

Comic relief SOLC #13

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My husband, Jeff, returns every Thursday night from his out-of-state consulting gig.  He's usually very tired and crabby.  This week was longer than usual for him, and I think the lack of sleep has made him a bit punchy.  Today he's been making jokes, faces and he's been full of stories.

Jeff is known around the office as "comic relief."  No matter what company he is working for, he is always known as the guy who can break the tension.  At this client, he's found himself in search of other people to joke and lighten the mood with him.  So far, he's been in luck.  There are a few guys that can roll with the jokes (never off-color or personal), and there's been many who are the topic of some funny stories. 

"Buzzword Bingo" is a great game they play at meetings.  He and few other people will draw Bingo boards and fill them with the current "lingo" around the office.  It's usually a pretty quiet game (not many know to play) until someone on the conference call yells "BINGO!" and forgets the phone isn't on mute.

Jeff loves a good psychological experiment. In August, he and another Jeff, by coincidence, wore their green dress shirts on a Tuesday.  "It must be Green Shirt Tuesday!" exclaimed the other Jeff.

My husband took the idea and ran with it.  He told everyone on the project (115 people) that Tuesdays are green shirt day.  People looked at him like he was crazy.  It's March.  He ran the numbers this week and 30% comply.  Jeff believes that the leaders and/or the most secure people in the group are the ones wearing the green shirts on Tuesdays.  Everyone knows it's an unofficial big deal.  Some vehemently refuse.  Some went searching for green dress shirts in their size.  Others wear their green shirts on days other than Tuesday.  Very interesting!

It's never dull at the office or at home when Jeff's around!


  1. Your husband sounds like so much fun! I'm going to try buzzword bingo at the next meeting I go to!

  2. I love it. We need laughter!

  3. Jeff has the knack for making people feel at ease and really want to join in to make things happen. So glad he is feeling better and moving forward.