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March 11, 2014

Mixed cereal SOLC #11

"Mom, is it okay if I mix two cereals together?" called Allison from the kitchen as she crafted a late night snack.  Tonight's concoction was Rice Krispies and Apple Jacks.
"Your dad's grandfather, Boppa, always mixed his cereal," I replied.
"Oh good, that's where I get it from,"  said Allison.

My youngest daughter is always trying to connect herself with members of our extended family.  She feels like a square peg in a round family (hmmm... I feel that way at school!) and she wants to attribute some of her characteristics to heredity.  She has a unique personality and a joy for life.  Her nickname is "All is on."

Unfortunately, her enthusiasm isn't appreciated by everyone.
"Why can't she be quiet and normal!?" growls her big sister.
Our big saying in the house is "Normal is a setting on the washing machine."
Big sister isn't buying that.

Allison is caring, noisy, grumpy, happy, playful, loyal and persistent, all rolled up into one person.  She's been labeled with many letters of the alphabet by teachers (especially in 3rd grade), but I refuse to let these labels define her.  I truly believe she is a right-brained kid being taught in a left-brained world.  Some of her former teachers taught to her strengths... music, lyrics, movement.  Most didn't.

As a sophomore, she's asked a lot what she'd like to do when she grows up. She has lots of ideas, but she knows she needs to figure out something practical to balance out the creative.

Recently she took a career quiz and the number one answer was "race car technician."  This is her new go-to answer when people inquire about her future plans.
"Oh," they say, "are you taking any auto shop classes?"
"Nope," she replies.  "My Papa Paul watches NASCAR.  I'll just work for one of those guys.  They are rich."

Yup.  Square peg with a sense of humor.  This sense of humor has helped her create some great relationships with teachers and friends, and I know she will rely on it in her future.

Mixed cereal.  It's just the tip of the iceberg that is Allison.


  1. Love it! She sounds like quite a gal and in her time will find the right fit, be it square or round. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning.

  2. I love this little slice about Allison! Mixed cereal! You've really described her well and I loved your point about many alphabet letters not defining her! In today's schooling, many teachers teach one way, but allowing more choice in learning may help her succeed. So, all was good except the race car technician -- that threw me for a loop! I'm glad that she can roll with it. She will figure out what's best for her in time. Tell her to keep that positive, silly attitude! We need more of it in today's world! This is our chance to enjoy life and have fun and work as a race car technician!

  3. Doesn't sound like life is ever boring around Allison. I am sure 'race car technician' will stop most conversations cold. Love it!

  4. What a great analogy with the mixed cereal. Starting your piece off with dialogue, and not your average question, sure had me hooked. What an eloquent way to honour your daughter's personality, I still marvel at how kids from the same parents can be so very different!

  5. Your Allison sounds amazing. Hopefully she'll have at least a few more teachers before she graduates who appreciate her for who she is and can harness all that energy and creativity : )

  6. Ah, yes, I'm a mixed cereal person and so good for her that she has such a great advocate in her mom for square pegs :)

  7. I love how you describe her in a run away sentence type of way to show how her personality is so big, it would be to exhausting to list. I love a kid that stand out in the crowd! They have so much to inspire the world with. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love her confidence! You are such a great mom. I'm glad you are cheering her on, recognizing not that she's different or abnormal, but unique!

  9. Allison sounds great! (And I love "All is on" for a nickname!) Reading about her tells me so much about what a great environment you're giving her to grow up in, how comfortable and safe she must be. Lucky Allison!