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March 2, 2014

Snowball effect SOLC #2

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My daughters were at Operation Snowball from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. yesterday.  Oldest served as a facilitator, youngest was a participant.  The day was long, but definitely worth it.

The theme of Operation Snowball is to show teens the benefits of a drug-free life.  My daughters described it more as an inspirational day, reminding them to choose actions in life to make a difference.  The name Operation Snowball refers to the "snowball effect." 

Some of the teens are encouraged to attend by their counselors.  Other teens are excited about free food and fun activities. Everyone leaves with a new outlook about themselves and life.

Kids are moved to tears. They share their greatest fears.  They find out that they matter, they are important. New friends and connections are made.  They talk, sing, laugh, and play games until they are exhausted.

I couldn't be prouder of my daughters.  I think they gave more than they received, from listening to their accounts of the day.  I think they really know that no matter what path they choose in life, they will always strive to improve their community.

This week we face state testing, continued winter weather, and lots of stress at school.  I'm going to make a special effort to have and share a positive attitude.  It will be tough, but I know a little bit of happiness can go a long way!  This is the best kind of snowball!


  1. Chris, this is my goal for this week, too! There is so much to be down about in life...I agree that we need a positive snowball. Good luck with state testing!

  2. oh yes! snowball effect can go either way, so we must try to push in the direction of positive :)

  3. Love that phrase and haven't heard it before "snowball effect". Thanks! It reminds me a bit of the "filling a bucket" philosophy and books. There's a great picture book on that for kids.

  4. Fabulous idea, It's so easy to shrink into the negative! I'm all for trudging uphill through the stress with a smile and sunshine! Good luck on your test, and your positive snowballs-may they stick when thrown! :)

  5. It sounds like your girls gained a whole lot of wisdom yesterday (or really had it reinforced). The whole snowball effect is amazing - just think about what one little smile, word of encouragement or hug can do for someone. Hope your week of testing and dealing with winter weather will go smoothly.

  6. Wow Chris, that' s wonderful,a perfect Slice!!!!

  7. Sounds wonderful, and the snowball already reached you Chris! I just read something similar from one of Lee Ann Spillane's students-about always smiling, passing that positive 'face' on to others. Best to you this stressful week!

  8. I needed the reminder to let my attitude be a snowball for the positive. We are facing much the same as you with winter weather and state testing looming.

  9. Sounds like an amazing experience! Bravo to the girls for their participation! Can we set something up like this for teachers?!? We need a snowball effect of positive thinking and inspiration!

  10. We have state tests next week. I definitely need to remember the snowball effect!