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March 3, 2014

Sunday night struggle SOLC #3

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Sunday night.  Dinner was a mess, but I went to the backup plan (hello...BBQ chicken bites!) so no one starved.  I tried a new "recipe" (read:  read a recipe, didn't measure anything) for baked macaroni and cheese.  It was fine.

The fire in the fireplace roars.   Four book order packets for three classes lay undone on the table.  Report cards loom in my head.  Paperwork screams from the Drawer of Doom.  Jeff left for his weekly trek to Wisconsin, Allison parked in front of the Oscars in pajamas, and Lindsey crashed on the couch.

What should I do first?

I should get the calendar all set for lacrosse season. It starts tomorrow for both girls.
I really should just finish report cards so they don't keep me awake too late.
I want to check in with a friend.
I'd rather play a few rounds of Candy Crush or Ruzzle.
I should open the Drawer of Doom.  
I'd rather go check out some Oscar gowns and ooh and ahh with Allison (the fashionista)
I need to wake up Lindsey.  Tomorrow morning will be tricky!

So many choices.
Sunday night is always a struggle.  There's too much to do and not enough motivation!

But guess what?  My Slice is finished for Monday!


  1. I love your "drawer of doom". There are so many "should do's", but some many other things calling out to us. We just need to accomplish a little of each. It's always fulfilling to get something done!

  2. Sunday night blues... You capture that time of the weekend when we all go back on duty.

  3. Good job Chris...and maybe the other things will just have to wait!

  4. So far, I have had ideas for slices, but I am sure that day is coming. I like the "I should" list. This might come in handy soon. I so agree with Sunday nights - so many choices and not enough motivation.

  5. I love the "drawer of doom" too! Someone I heard speak once said don't "should on teachers" ... it sure feels like a load to do some days. I hope your Sunday was just what you wanted. Looking forward to hearing more about Lacrosse.

  6. Oh much to do...but you still got your slice finished! I hope I can say that tomorrow as I am not ready for my slice tomorrow. I enjoy your posts. Jackie

  7. Procrastination is my forte. I am currently caught in the middle a large "to do immediately" list, yet I keep finding alternative things to do.
    Glad the Slice got done, hope you had some time with your daughter, and best of luck with those report cards!

  8. I can SO relate to this Sunday Night dilemma. ;-) I call it the "Sunday Night Blues" (I see another commentor called it the same thing.) There's so much to do and not always the motivation to do it!

  9. Ohhh, that Sunday night to do list! Mine isn't quite as long without kids to schedule, but it's still pretty daunting…I often find myself checking the weather to see if we might have a snow day on Monday…