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March 5, 2014

Ode to my washing machine SOLC #5

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I'm a huge fan of Jack Prelutsky's poetry.  One of his poems, Homework! Oh, Homework! popped into my head tonight as I ran my third load of laundry.  The rhythm of his poem inspired me to write about how much I love my washing machine.

Washer, oh, washer, 
I love you!  It's true!
Your spinning and cycling 
keep my jeans dark blue.
If all of my troubles 
could be scrubbed away,
I'd put them in you, washer, 
every single day!

Washer, oh, washer,
I love you!  You make
laundry a task I can easily take.
I fill up the soap,
I shove in the clothes, 
Lovely scents of detergent
fill up my nose!

Washer, oh, washer,
I love you!  Don't stop!
Keep filling with water
and bubbles that pop.
I can leave you alone
to work on your own.
Washer, oh, washer,
Without you, I'd groan!

Does anyone else adore one of their appliances?  :)


  1. Cute poem, Chris! I can't say that I love my appliances... until they don't work. My dishwasher went out a month ago and I thought that I could do without. That was good for about 3 weeks and then I said, Enuf! I now am the proud owner of a new, quiet dishwasher.

  2. This would be a great poem set to music....and yes, this made me smile....lovely scent of detergent fill up my true. I can't write a poem about my washer right now because it is making a strange it is on its last wash...well, maybe that could be a 'I think I can...I think I can. :-) thanks for the smile. Jackie

  3. Yikes Chris!!! I never thought about a love affair with one of my appliances ;-) What kind of washer do you have for goodness sakes! I have to get me one of those ;-)))

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I deleted my original post because it had so many typos. I love my refrigerator. It has a 3rd drawer in the middle for easy access. It tells me how much water I'm drinking. The freezer has a sliding drawer that revels the larger bottom drawer. Gotta love it!
      When my son was 8 he taped the Homework poem to his desk.

  5. Ummm, maybe the dishwasher??? Pretty darn clever poem!

  6. This was fun! I love my washer too, but I'd really love if it washed, dried, and folded all on its own too. Now that would be some appliance!

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