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March 24, 2014

Clamshell rides SOLC #24

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Today was Epcot day! We focused on the Future World side. We only visited Germany in the World Showcase for dinner.

Yesterday I wrote about rides that make you cringe. Today we called "Clamshell Day."  I am pretty chicken when it comes to rides.  Today's rides were all calm, like the Nemo and Friends ride where you ride slowly in a pink clamshell with a buddy, watching all the fish find Nemo.

Ahhhh - that's my mind of ride!

We also went on Soarin' - a "hangliding" experience over California and Mission: Space.  Since I was the first to the line in my pack, I chose the green line for a less intense journey (read : no spinning).

Do I feel like a guppy? Sort of, but we still had a fun day, even if our day was filled with clamshell rides!


  1. I bet you're having a wonderful time getting away and enjoyed Florida, even if you're not taking all the risks on the rides! Sometimes slow is better. Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  2. I'm all about the clamshell rides. Bring on Nemo! I know my girls would join me in that fun. Enjoy the calm!

  3. I love those clamshell rides too! Glad you are having fun!