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March 19, 2014

New team, new sport SOLC #19

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My daughters are having two different experiences as the lacrosse season revs up.

New Team
Lindsey (senior) is playing at the varsity level for the 3rd year.  Her team has a few return players and many new players who moved up from JV.  They are missing 8 girls who graduated last year. Lindsey's learning a new position, moving from defense (stay near the goal) to defensive wing and offense (run the whole field). Lindsey is figuring out the strengths of her new teammates, and how she can fit her strengths with theirs to get the win.

New Sport
Allison (sophomore) is playing lacrosse for the first time.  She has played catch with Lindsey in the backyard, but this year she decided to go out for the team.  Being involved in a high school sport is a completely different experience than participating on her poms team.  She's now at practice or a game six days each week compared to her two or three days of practice and a football or basketball game.  Allison is easily coached, and she is learning that after the game she doesn't have to ask the coach for specific pointers.  She is still trying to figure out what to bring to practice and how to get there on time.

Mom is Hanging in There
I'm trying to keep my sanity as I send one off to her practice in one car, then shuttle the non-driver when she needs to be there.  Sometimes they can ride together, but youngest struggles with time management (her leaf does not fall far from my tree!) and she has been left behind.  Dinner has become one of three options:  frozen Lean Cuisine, pick up something on your way, or crockpot meals (I search Pinterest daily!).  If all else fails, both girls have loads of snacks in their bags.  Yesterday I watched both girls play in 45 degree weather with 20 mile per hour winds.  My lacrosse bag now has two blankets, hat, mittens and extra socks!

I'm excited that both girls are playing.  They will both find joy in being part of a team effort, even if they are completely exhausted by Saturday afternoon.  Now I'm off to cheer on the teams!

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