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March 15, 2014

Front seat driver SOLC #15

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Today Little Sister/Student Driver, Allison, wanted to drive the 2.4 miles to my husband's office.  Big Sister/Licensed for 18 Months, Lindsey, made a face.  "I'm not getting in the car with her," stated Lindsey, as she got in the passenger seat.

"She was a willing and quiet passenger as you learned to drive," I told Lindsey as I handed Allison the keys to the car and slid into the backseat.

"Humpf," sighed Lindsey.

"Let's go!" I sang.

Allison adjusted her seat, the side mirrors and the rearview mirror.  Lindsey had to make a comment for each adjustment.

"Can't we just go?  The mirror is fine!  Start the car already!"

Allison kept quiet. She didn't turn enough for Lindsey's liking as she backed out of the driveway.

"Move it back.  Let's go.  Ugh.   You stopped too fast."

I kept quiet in the back, sipping my coffee.

"Do I turn left?" Allison asked.

"Are you kidding?" Lindsey asked.

"Head to Dad's office.  Remember where to go?" I asked.

At mile one, I slid the window open to try and get some warm-ish air in the car.

"See?  Your driving is making Mom carsick!" Lindsey exclaimed.

"I'm fine!" I sang from the back.  "The car smells musty.  I'm trying to get fresh air."

"Humpf," replied Lindsey.

As we pulled in the parking lot after our 4-minute ride, Lindsey launched out of the car before Allison had it in park.

"Did I really drive that badly?" asked Allison.

"Nope," I answered.  "But now you're prepared for your driving test.  The DMV employees aren't nearly as surly as your sister today!"


  1. :) I wish I'd had a sister like Lindsey! Nothing prepared me for the wicked witch of a tester I had the first time I took my driving test (and failed)!

  2. Ah, sisterly love! :) Haha.. You've captured it perfectly. You seemed pretty cool, calm, and collected.. I think I'd be a little more apprehensive. Hopefully, when the time comes, I won't show it. Great post!

  3. The dialogue in this piece really captures the relationship between your girls. I just loved reading it!

    Would it be possible for me to share this sol in the "be inspired" section of my daily call for slice of life posts? If so, please email me at stacey{at}staceyshubitz{dot}com. Thanks!

  4. I got quite the chuckle at the end. An excellent way to turn a stressful situation around! It reminded me of my relationship with my sisters. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So funny. I can so relate (I'm a little sister like Allison)! I wrote about sisterly love in my slice today, before I even read yours. Very well done!

  6. I love how you ended your post. It made me laugh. You captured the tension and the sibling one-upmanship very well.

  7. Too funny! These moments are priceless! My kids, now almost 18 and 21 are still fighting over who drives, each thinking they are better than the other!

  8. Fabulous Moment! I can just fast forward a few years and your scene will probably be replayed with my two children! I loved the telling words in the dialogue and how they helped me experience the moment!

  9. This piece made me laugh! My boys learned to drive about a year apart. I can still feel that know in my stomach every time I get into the car with them. And I agree with everyone else! Great dialogue!

  10. He HE HE. My children are 18 and 16. One drives, and has her own car now (a nice old boat -- Ford Taurus). I remember her saying to me, "Make sure "A" doesn't get her own car before I did (referring to her age)." I changed the subject and moved on. Didn't you just want to scream? But you and I were calm, cool, and collected. Nice!

  11. You have captured so much of their relationship in this short car ride! Love the dialogue, as well as the subtleties of the behaviors. Good luck to Allison when she heads to DMV.