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March 6, 2014

Surprise! It snowed...again! SOLC #6

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When my alarm went off on Wednesday morning, I was already awake.  My body knows when the earth has changed its tilt, so I'm always ahead of the time changes.

The traffic guy called out from the radio, "We have a winter weather advisory in place.  I recommend getting out of the house early!"

I decided to get out of bed and start the day instead of pressing the snooze bar.  Oldest daugter was already up.  I shook my youngest daughter awake and told her to watch the clock.  I went outside to push 3" of snow off the cars and start the big truck. 

The snow was coming down in tiny pellets.  As soon as I shoveled a path around the cars, they started filling up again.

When I finally headed for school, I thought I was getting an early start at 8:00, but the cars were lined up on the main road in front of my house.  I tried heading the opposite direction, but I couldn't even turn on a side street.  I drove 30 minutes out of my way and then 20 minutes the right way.

There is nothing worse than suburban Chicago traffic when it snows.

We should know how to handle driving in this weather, but I think this morning took us by surprise.  I know I have stopped watching the weather reports.  They are too disheartening.  We usually don't have warm temperatures in March, but our season snow total is insane.  Even the snow-lovers like me are rebelling!

Here's some hope for temperatures above freezing, snow-free days, and a lot more sunshine.  (I'm thankful that we've had a pretty sunny winter!)  C'mon spring!


  1. I heard about Chicago in the news and how snowy it's been. Hang in there - surely spring is right around the corner!

  2. Ok so how do you think the "snow haters" feel?? Everyday I say to myself, don't let it get to you . . . I'm not sure this is working for me ;-)

  3. It seems relentless doesn't it, this winter? Let's collectively pray for Spring - we are certainly ready for it!

  4. I will be sending you my most powerful vibes from Cancun when I arrive on Sunday, Chris. SPRING... especially now that we have to spring ahead.

  5. No matter how much snow and cold we have had, when summer hits and the temps hover in the 90's, we'll be complaining about how hot it is. Somehow we are never satisfied. But, I'm with you, come on spring!

  6. The roads on Wednesday were just terrible. And the drivers...c'mon sunshine and melt all that snow. Don't you know that we are done with it so? (Sorry for the rhyme...I just read yesterday's poetry post!)

  7. Yikes! We haven't had nearly that much snow but I am soooo ready for daffodils! This sounds awful!