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March 14, 2014

Great kid, strong mom SOLC #14

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Lauren sent a text message inviting many of us to a St. Baldrick's event tomorrow.  "Finding a cure for that monster called children's cancer" read the tag line. Lauren knows.  Her 13 year old son fought a great fight with cancer nearly four years ago.

Jeffrey was a great kid:  athletic, friendly, kind, happy-go-lucky.  In 3rd grade, he was most often seen in my front door window on weekend mornings, peeking in to see if the girls were awake.  They played in the snow in winter, raced bikes in fall, and set up backyard campsites in the summer.  He moved on to hanging out with the neighborhood guys in 5th grade, but the years before that, he was a fixture at our house.

"I know they are girls, but they are my best friends," he once told his mom.

Jeffrey was home and in the hospital, fighting a great battle, during 6th grade.  The girls tried their best to stop by, drop off books, say hi.  It was hard - you wanted to visit, but you weren't sure what was a good time.  Lauren always welcomed them with a big smile and open arms.  She made the visits easy for everyone.  Jeffrey had a great demeanor and would talk about anything.  You didn't have to be afraid of saying the wrong thing.

When Jeffrey passed in October of 7th grade, Lauren was the rock at Jeffrey's wake.  It was near Halloween and candy was everywhere around the room.  "He doesn't have to do homework anymore," she exclaimed to my girls as they struggled to keep their emotions in check.  

Lauren continues to post inspirational messages on Jeffrey's facebook page.  She also shares her positive days and her awful days.  She knows that we are all here for her, but we have no idea what she is going through.  She truly supports the community more, I feel, than we support her.

Jeffrey is always on our mind and in our hearts.  I know he watches over my girls and always will.


  1. Your slice today conveyed deep emotion in a sophisticatedly simple and descriptive tone. It's almost indescribable, the feelings after we lose someone we love who is so young.

  2. Touching slice, even though it's one that I have heard on many levels before. You tell it so well in words. (Tears included.)

  3. Amazing slice. I have a little girl that participates in St. Baldrick's yearly. She has been participating in the fight to cure childhood cancer for the past 4 years. I so admire her will, and ability to get more children on board for the cause.

  4. Just being there is the most important thing that you can do for your friend. I cannot image what it would be like to lose a child. The loss must be debilitating, but Lauren has a good community to help her through the good and bad times and she has a cause to support and promote. Thanks for sharing this slice.