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March 8, 2014

Halftime of life? SOLC #8

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It's March 8th.  I'm officially 44-1/2 years old. Woo hoo!?!??

On the first Tonight Show, Will Smith talked to Jimmy Fallon about skydiving.  Will decided that at 45 years old, he is at halftime since he has a good chance of living until 90.  Will decided to skydive to kick off his "3rd quarter" of life in a strong way.

According to Will Smith, I will soon be entering my "3rd Quarter."  I started thinking of life expectancy and what I still want to do.  I have no plans of skydiving.  My brother jumped out of two perfectly good planes when he was younger.  I will continue to leave the crazy stuff to him!

I plan on living past 100.  Why?  I want to be here to see everything!  I have no plans of leaving, really!

I do want my mind to be as sharp as it can be.  I purposefully play word games and complete crossword puzzles to keep my brain from becoming mushy.  I try to eat fruits, veggies and fiber-full cereal in an attempt to keep a my body healthy.  I have great intentions for exercising, and I go to yoga class sporadically.  (LOL)  I keep in touch with friends and watch comedies.

Will my plan work?  Gosh, I hope so.  My husband says I live like I'm running from something.  Maybe I'm running from illness and sadness.  I don't want either of them to get me.  I want to be the happy person, even when life puts hard things in my way.

I'm not making any plans to skydive or do anything crazy.  Don't worry.  I do admire Will Smith for his bravery, but I'll hang out here on the ground!


  1. I love the analogy! You use your words wonderfully to keep playing it up.. with you, "running from something.." And I laughed out loud with you at your subtle admission re yoga. I'm right there with you. I really enjoyed this piece!!

  2. My favorite line is "I want to be the happy person, even when life puts hard things in my way." What a great attitude! Thanks for the analogy of "3rd quarter" of life with us. I may use that!

  3. Having a positive attitude will take you far! Enjoy!

  4. One can be perfectly happy on the ground without experimenting with extreme. I prefer to stay on the ground too. I liked your thought trail in this piece.

  5. You are doing the right things...and the positive attitude will get you far. My friend and I decided when we were in elementary school that we were going to live to be 112...not sure how we came up with that number...but that leaves me 29 more years! Have fun with the next section of your life! Jackie

  6. A positive outlook on life and all that happens is the best action that you can take to make every day a great one, no matter what happens. I pray that the 3rd quarter of your life will give you all you hope for.

  7. Gee - I never thought of aging in that way - but it sure does make sense! I suspect that all that mental gymnastics helps - but I agree that our attitude is the best way to get through EVERY year of our lives - not matter how long or how short!

  8. How come I did not even realize that I have been in the 3rd quarter of my life already a few years? I must have missed the opportunity to skydive (not my cup of tea). I guess I will just have to stick with the positiveness like you! Thanks for a fun post!

  9. I am thinking about a zipline for this year!

  10. I think time slips away from us so fast that it is important to make plans for the things that you want to do and it seems easier to think about those things in the 3rd quarter.