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March 1, 2014

Slice of Life Challenge Begins!! SOLC #1

Join the Slice of Life Challenge!
Write every day in March!
Two Writing Teachers
I can't believe it's March 1st... already!!!  Welcome all to the Slice of Life Challenge!

This is my third year slicing.  I try to slice year-round, but life and procrastination get in the way.  I usually can find something to write about if I'm not too hard on myself.

Writing for an audience can be tricky - you feel like your words will be wrong, misconstrued or jumbled, but that's okay.  Writing for an audience can be helpful!  Comments can make a big difference.

This year I raised my hand to be on the Welcome Wagon.  I hope I can be a helpful cheerleader for the newest members of the slicing community.  This is a great opportunity to write, read great posts and connect with others -- around the country and world.

So, here are some cheers for all of us:

Enjoy the month!
Keep writing!
Don't give up!
May technology be on your side!
Keep writing!
Share comments and ideas!
Don't give up!

You can do it!  Happy slicing everyone!


  1. Comments do matter -- so much! (Thanks for your comment today.) :) Especially if you have taken the time to read a slice, please leave a little something to share! Thanks for joining the welcome wagon! Happy trails--and cheering--to you!

  2. Even though our jumble words may make no sense, they actually come out with a message. Thanks for sharing and being on the Welcome Wagon. Looking forward to reading more of your slices.

  3. Thanks for the cheers. Although I have been slicing for about 7 months, this is my first challenge and I know how much I appreciate the support and welcomeness!

  4. It's always wonderful to have someone on the welcome wagon. It makes all the difference, especially to the new slicers:-) Thanks for being there!! :-)

  5. I love comments they make writing for myself feel like something worthwhile. Thank you for hopping on the welcome wagon!

  6. Thanks for the welcome and the pep talk! I know I'll need it. I've been away from my blog for months, and coming back with the intention of posting every day (for two months, since I do an April challenge, too), is a bit daunting! Looking forward to reading your slices!