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March 9, 2014

Spring Break Planning SOLC #9

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What day is today?  The 9th?  Already!!?

On past spring breaks, we've done college visits or just stayed home.  This year we are taking a trip that includes a plane ride, packing for much warmer weather, and finding care for the crazy parakeet.

We are going to Disney World!!

I have mixed feelings about going.  How is that possible, you ask?  It's the happiest place on earth!  Well, oldest daughter, Lindsey, is traveling to WDW with her high school band.  They will be spending 24 hours driving each way on a coach bus.  My parents are driving their RV down to Orlando.  Allison and I will be flying down to stay with my parents in the RV.

I have mixed feelings because my husband, Jeff, is the biggest Disney fan in the family, and he has to work.  There's a big presentation at his client.  I really wish he could go with us.

Will I make the most of our time in Orlando?  Yes! We plan to hop between Disney parks, visit the Harry Potter park at Universal, and soak up the warm sun. 

I appreciate that my parents have helped make this trip happen.  I'm thankful for an opportunity to have a full-out vacation this year. I'll just be missing Jeff.  He needs this vacation more than any of us!


  1. I must admit I have never done a "trip" away on spring break....but even if there are regrets about those who cannot go and stressors that cannot be sure sounds like WARM fun to me!

  2. Sounds like some good plans - especially to get away to warmer temps. Sorry that Jeff won't be able to go "this time", but I'm sure there will be others. Give Mickey a hug for me.

  3. This sounds like a great trip! I'm sure you'll miss your husband, but enjoy the time with your parents and daughter. Go get warm!!

  4. I agree with Lisa. Enjoy your trip and being with your parents. How great it worked out that you could go. Maybe you can take your husband down when he is less busy...and then you will know your way around!

  5. What a great opportunity to soak up some warmth and have fun, but it is sad your husband can't make it.

  6. This sounds like a really fun time with your mom and daughters. Too bad your husband can't fly in, even just for a day or two, after his presentation…